With MatesRates® UPVC doors you can be assured that we provide the quality and design that your home deserves. Every effort is made during all manufacturing and installation processes to ensure that you receive a product which will give you exceptional service in use.

UPVC doors come in a range of shapes and sizes made to measure the requirements of your household. Made to be both stylish and durable, this range of UPVC doors offers a range of glass designs that will add an air of sophistication and grace to any home. Making a good first impression on visitors is incredibly important and can have a great influence on how the value of a property is perceived should you be looking to relocate. Using the latest production techniques, this innovative range of UPVC doors can be used to improve security while also ensuring access is never compromised- this is reflected in MatesRates10 year no quibble guarantee. The locking system is second-to-none, offering a 6-point system featuring anti-bump, anti-stick, anti-snap and anti-drill.

UPVC patio doors are a popular addition to the MatesRates range of products. Slim-line, smart and very durable, they can let in light and give a room a clear view to the space outside. Sharing the same impressive security features as the UPVC doors series, the patio doors are available in a range of shapes and styles to offer every home the perfect complement to its interior. Complemented by a range of furniture and fittings, the handles, doors, numbers and knockers can all be customised to your requirements, making sure the patio doors fit in with the character of the residence.

In addition to these two leading ranges of products, MatesRates are pleased to offer pvc doors and upvc door panels to complement the selection. Moulded designs and ornamental glass designs allow for both a classical and modern look to be achieved with this range of doors which is popular in homes of all sizes. With over 300 different designs to choose from, MatesRates are among the foremost providers to the UK market and have developed a reputation for delivering and installing products reliably to ensure relationships are built up over time, keeping customers returning to complement subsequent homes.

Since October 2010 replacement doors that are more than 50% glazed are included in the thermal requirements of Building Regulations Document L. All such UPVC doors now must obtain a minimum “U-value” of 1.8. MatesRates® doors meet these requirements in full.

All MatesRates© products meet or exceed the requirements of Building Regulations Part L Revised Oct 2010.

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